Intrawest Resort Holdings Inc gets boost from season’s pass sales, offsetting warmest December on record


Selling season’s passes to its ski and winter resorts gave U.S.-based Intrawest Resorts Holdings Inc. a much-needed increase in the second quarter, because it attempted to weather the warmest December on record. Denver, Colo.-based Intrawest, which operates popular United states properties including Mont Tremblant in Quebec and Blue Mountain in Ontario, said season pass sales increased six per cent when compared to prior year. It ...

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The lone analyst who warned against Valeant with ‘buyer beware’ notes as hedge funds piled in


In July 2014, Dimitry Khmelnitsky advised investors to sell Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. and then watched the stock double each year. “It had been very painful,” Khmelnitsky, an analyst at Veritas Investment Research Corp., said in an telephone interview from his office in Toronto. “Things i felt was pain.” Khmelnitsky was the lone analyst with a sell rating on Valeant for ...

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Martin Pelletier: In a low yield world, it’s good to have options


For the most part, it is a trying time for investors, specifically for those retirees who live off of their investable assets, with fairly flat to negative returns from global equity markets while bond and dividend yields remain painfully dismal. For example, the MSCI World Index has fallen back to January 2014 levels and offering a paltry 2.5 percent dividend ...

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Air Canada stock met with turbulence after CEO takes shot at ‘short-term investors’


Air Canada’s decision to stop providing capacity guidance would be a shot across the bow at short-term investors, but the shrapnel is hitting long-term investors too. The airline’s stock fell for that second day consecutively Thursday after it said hello will no longer release capacity forecasts as well as stop providing monthly operational data. The stock has lost 15.9 per ...

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Could oil’s long, dark winter finally be over? Why there’s reason to be pessimistic


Since the Saudis lopped off the head of oil price support in December 2014, energy investors – not to mention energy companies and the thousands of Canadians who work for them, or at best accustomed to – have lived via a long dark winter of Bet on Thrones proportions. IEA for the first time sees light after oil’s ‘long, dark ...

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Clinton and Trump victories both seen as bullish for risk


When the votes are counted for the U.S. Presidential election in November, the possibilities that investors will be able to rely on a bid for risk assets. A new report in the team at Deutsche Bank, led by credit analyst Dominic Konstam, laid out the possibility implications under a victory by each of the leading candidates: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, ...

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Ottawa has room to add another $15 billion to stimulus spending, says economist


The Liberal government could have more room to manoeuvre on stimulus spending with no damage its fiscal health, say economists. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the government are set to unveil their budget in the coming months. Originally, Trudeau’s election platform made room for at least $5 billion annually in new infrastructure spending to help pump necessary stimulus into Canada’s ...

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Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc shares climb after being slammed by U.S. lawmaker in drug price hearings


MONTREAL – Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. interim CEO Howard Schiller might have been cut down to size by the U.S. Congress on Thursday over the company’s drug price hikes, but you wouldn’t realize it by looking at the stock, which actually climbed during the hearings. “I don’t even think this is a hearing, this is a scandal: a complete abuse of power as ...

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