Provincial borrowing costs going up at worst possible time


Provincial governments have found borrowing costs going up as investors are pushing in the premiums they need to carry their bonds considering growing budget deficits and deteriorating economic fundamentals within the oil provinces. The spread between provincial bond yields and Government of Canada bond yields have widened to levels not seen since 2009 and it is not only the oil-dependent ...

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If you thought the economy was bad in Canada, you should see what’s happening in Brazil


No doubt about it, Canadian investors possess a lot to complain about. The marketplace is on a roller-coaster, pulled this way and that by forces beyond our borders. The S&P/TSX composite was down more than eight percent by mid-January as benchmark oil prices dipped below US$30 a barrel and China continued to swoon. It recovered on speculation Russia and the ...

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Mystery trader known as the ‘dude’ strikes fear on Turkish stock exchange with massive market-making trades


There’s a spectre haunting stock traders in Istanbul that some are calling “the dude.” A mystery investor who first appeared annually and a half ago with US$450 million of bets on a single day, almost double the market average, is now executing major transactions with increasing frequency, scaring away competitors who can’t figure out as he or she will strike ...

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Yelp gets downgraded to sell at UBS


Online review company Yelp Inc. was downgraded by UBS, which asserted the firm will struggle to grow local advertising revenue against scaled rivals such as Facebook and Alphabet.  UBS analysts led by Eric Sheridan said inside a note to clients they now rate the stock a sell, and keep their price target unchanged at US$17 a share. Yelp shares were ...

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Selling group firms cut out of Enbridge Inc deal


Rumblings from Enbridge’s $2 billion equity financing – a deal that’s expected to be upsized by 15 per cent and that closes Tuesday – continue. One rumbling concerns the way in which the stock was allocated. Having a cast of 17 firms, four more dealers were involved this time around compared with the company’s previous equity offering, a $460 million ...

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A new gold standard: BitGold offers a fresh way to buy and sell the yellow metal


The last decade is a hard time to be a saver, but the new phenomenon of negative rates of interest combined with recent resurgence within the cost of gold is causing savers to look again to gold as a savings vehicle able to preserving purchasing power. All which makes the timing from the recent launch of BitGold, a new digital ...

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TMX shares rally despite market headwinds


Since late Thursday, when TMX Group Ltd. posted fourth-quarter earnings that fell short of estimates, its shares have been on a tear, jumping 4.3 percent Friday and an additional 2.4 percent Tuesday to $38.58. Still, the country’s major exchange operator needs to constitute lots of ground. During the past year, its stock has fallen 20.4 percent. It was acquired in 2012 by a group of Bay ...

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Explanations, some of which are fanciful, behind Enbridge’s share price gains


Trying to determine the reason why behind the dramatic share price moves of Enbridge Inc. in the last little while is an exercise that would tax the sharpest of minds. So when some of the people sharps minds are willing to participate in conspiracy theories the situation becomes much more intriguing. What all participants are attempting to understand would be ...

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