Fidelity manager picking and choosing the bright spots in energy and banking


The energy-related stress impacting the Canadian banking sector can be a relatively new concern for some investors, but Andrew Marchese was cautious on the group before oil prices began plummeting at the end of 2014. Fidelity Investments Canada’s chief investment officer noted that loan loss provision ratios for the sector are near both cyclical and secular lows, which is something the ...

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If you trust Warren Buffett’s judgment, now might be the right moment to buy NAFTA


Investors can be forgiven for believing the markets these days are extraordinarily unpredictable, and the path forward extraordinarily unclear. There is some justification with this: China is reducing after years of carrying the worldwide economy around the back of their incredible growth; monetary policy in the world’s largest economy is tightening after nearly ten years with rates near zero; the ...

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Terence Corcoran: With Brexit is the U.K. entering the ‘abyss’ or freedom from EU tyranny?


No nation does peaceful national political battles that can compare with the United Kingdom, so get your silly walking shoes. The British are preparing for another full-scale national electoral convulsion, a referendum on whether to leave europe. Any vote is months away, however the debate has disintegrated into incoherent jabber among various intellectual and ideological factions. The polls, meanwhile, appear ...

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Is there more turmoil ahead? Why you should be factoring in factor ETFs


If you are taking a look at the VIX – the ‘fear index’ that aggregates the embedded volatilities in the U.S. options market – you’ll notice that it spiked having a vengeance last August. This move coincided with China devaluing the Yuan, very slightly. Since that time, the VIX has settled back, though not without first taking us through the ...

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Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc downgraded: RBC analysts slash price target on the company by more than $100


Immense uncertainty lingering over Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. prompted analysts at RBC Capital Markets to downgrade the stock and cut their price target by a lot more than $100. Valeant under investigation by U.S. securities regulator, drugmaker reveals The SEC probe is outside of an existing investigation right into a company purchased by Valeant this past year, Salix Pharmaceuticals, said a ...

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Smile, stocks are still rallying: What you need to know before markets open


North American financial markets are headed for a greater open today, fresh on the heels of the three-day rally, as oil prices continued to increase. Brent crude prices were up 2.5 percent, rising for the second straight day after Iran supported intends to freeze output along with a report showed an unexpected drop in U.S. inventory.Oil prices have heavily influenced ...

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Energy rout puts infrastructure dividend growth story in doubt


If they didn’t know it before, investors around the world have quickly found that collapsing oil prices negatively impact sectors beyond energy, and far of this pain has been felt in the infrastructure, equipment and services spaces. These segments from the market benefited immensely from surging development in unconventional resources plays such as the Alberta Montney and Texas Eagle Ford, ...

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Bill Gross sees ‘shades of 2007’ in latest investment outlook


Bond king Bill Gross has one question for central banks: ‘How’s it workin’ for ya?’ Gross, lead portfolio manager of the Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund, took aim Wednesday in the failure of zero rates to spur economic development in global economies. He warned in the latest investment outlook that not has only zero-bound policy failed, but that it has ...

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