Five reasons the stock market is just plain weird


Markets have indeed been strange for some time now. Most investors are confused about whether to sell, or buy, or panic, or simply visit cash and steer clear of the craziness. However, if you think more closely about things, you might arrived at the final outcome that financial markets are always strange. Investors and also the market are simply not ...

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The behemoth, the biotech and the break fee: How a small Canadian firm ended up in a legal battle with Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc


On Dec. 16, like a dozen approximately top bosses at Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. were on an investor call touting a company model that’s been under siege, lawyers for the Laval, Que., company were in the courthouse in Rochester, N.Y., defending it. Documents detail Turing, Valeant strategy to buy life-saving drugs, then hike prices to squeeze more profit Federal lawmakers have released ...

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How to shop for investment bargains when everyone’s ‘wrote this off as the end of the world’


Market pullbacks always create opportunities for those willing to take the plunge, but they don’t necessarily desire to make risky bets, particularly by purchasing high-quality businesses that might be misunderstood or less sensitive to the economic slowdown. Renato Anzovino, portfolio manager at Heward Investment Management, takes advantage of market volatility by targeting firms that should boost their dividends moving forward. ...

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Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc shatters creditor calm as debt casts bigger shadow


Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. is losing the boldness of their biggest investor base: debt markets that lent the drugmaker more than US$30 billion to fund its rapid expansion. Burned again in latest meltdown, investor faith in former market darling Valeant falters Confidence is increasingly hard to come by for many shareholders which have been burned by the company, that was ...

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Natural gas storage levels are bad news for bulls


A recovery in oil prices this month has the market more bullish with an energy sector recovery, however for gas, that bullishness might be premature. Reserves of gas in Canada have finally hit the greatest level on record for this season, surpassing levels seen during the previous peak in 2012. FirstEnergy Capital Corp., a power investment bank, said that the ...

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Pivot’s nemesis Torrent Capital presents alternative plan that would benefit all shareholders


The war of words between Torrent Capital, a major shareholder in Pivot Technology Solutions, and the company about how exactly best to proceed considering a proposed going private transaction continues. Torrent fired the most recent salvo now C the third it’s made since Pivot announced its share exchange transaction two weeks back. Torrent said hello represents the interests of holders ...

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Deal to privatize Opta Minerals raises concerns for minority shareholders


Welcome to Canada, where it seems the guidelines as practiced favour issuers, insiders and also the agents who service them. The rights of shareholders, the other group necessary for capital formation, seem quite a distance on the list – and further down when minority shareholders would be the spotlight. The latest illustration of that process is being played out now. ...

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Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc to report fourth-quarter results on March 15 after delay


Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc, the topic of intense scrutiny over its business practices and pricing policies, said it would release preliminary quarterly results on March 15, accompanied by a celebration call within 24 hours. The Canadian drugmaker, in an announcement a week ago that Leader Michael Pearson would return from two-month medical leave, said hello would also delay releasing its ...

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